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Swivel chair and black shampoo bowl

Yes, it can work for you so long as your sink has front and back parallel edges.

The Portable Shampoo Bowl will fit sinks that measure between 14 and 17 inches from OPENING front to back. (where you fill your sink with water only) We can make a custom base if your sink OPENING is larger or smaller. (IE: bathroom or utility sink) Remember to measure the OPENING ONLY.

We designed this bowl to use with an inexpensive office chair.

We chose the office chair because, with our bowl, you do not recline. The back is thin, and your client can get closer to the counter, and the chair is lightweight for easy movement and travel. It has rollers and hydraulics for different heights of clients. All of this is important because the client's comfort is most important. Our bowl design is DIFFERENT than a salon bowl design. With our bowl, your client sits more upright, so there is no pressure on the artery of the neck. (Medical reports say this is critical; please refer to the medical article provided)

The salon chairs recline. Our bowl's design is to have your client sit more upright. The cushion on the shampoo chair is too thick. Your client will not get close enough to make sure they do not get wet. Their neck must sit against our bowl. All nape hair is in the bowl, and they do not need to raise their neck to get their nape hair wet.

Yes, it is comfortable. The client is not trying to hold their head weight with their neck muscles because they sit upright, with just enough reline as NOT to dribble water down their face. All nape hair is in the bowl, so no lifting their head to reach the nape, and keep them dry. The usual comment is that it is more comfortable than a salon shampoo experience!!!

No, as long as you place the rubber bumpers snug against the inside of your sink.

The Portable Shampoo Bowl sits ON TOP of your sink, not inside of it. It does not have a permanent attachment. You can remove it once you complete shampooing.

The base and bowl sit ON TOP of your sink. The rubber bumpers (you attach) must sit snug against the INSIDE of your sink. The rubber bumpers are the only part that sit INSIDE of your sink. Once the rubber bumpers are snug, the bowl will NOT move. All of your client's nape hair will be in the bowl, too. There will be no need to have them lift their head.

We guarantee that our bowl's material is for life! It will not crack or peel. We made it with commercial-grade plastics, so that you will not need to replace it. It will work for years!!!!!! Plus...no buckets or hoses.

We are currently the only distribution center.

Yes, you can purchase if you are out of the country. Because shipping is expensive, we do not have an out of country return policy.

Measure the inside of your sink, only where you fill it with water. If it measures between 14 and 17 inches from Opening front to back, a standard base will work. If your sink opening is larger than 17 inches or smaller than 14 inches from opening-front to back, we can make a custom base.

We recommend using a sink strainer.

We have priority shipping, which is 2-3 days from the ship date via USPS. We will be sending your tracking number. Signature is required.

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